Initiatives enable you to define high level action items for any touchpoint in your project. A touchpoint can have one or more initiatives. In Touchpoint Dashboard, there are 2 ways to add an Initiative to a touchpoint. In this tutorial, we will be looking at both.

Creating an Initiative – Method 1

1 . Choose a touchpoint to open the ‘Edit touchpoint’ panel on the right.

2. Click ‘Initiatives’ then ‘Add Initiative’.

3. The Popup window below appears. Fill in the details to create the initiative.

4. Click ‘Save’ to save your progress.

Creating an Initiative – Method 2

Another way to add an initiative to your touchpoints is through the Initiative Tab.

Here are the steps in creating an initiative using the Initiatives tab:

1 . Open a project and click the Initiatives tab.

2 .Click ‘Add Initiative’

3. A popup window appears. Type the details of the initiative in. For this example, we will create an initiative on learning how to use Touchpoint Dashboard.

4. Click ‘Save’ to save your progress. Your new initiative will now be displayed.

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