What are Tasks?

Tasks are detailed to-do lists of all the steps that need to be taken in order to accomplish a given initiative. You can assign tasks to one or more members of your organization. This tutorial with teach you how to create tasks. Just like Initiatives, there are two ways to create tasks. Below are the steps.

Method 1

1 . Click on the touchpoint that has the initiative. The ‘Edit Touchpoint’ panel will open on the right.

2 . Click ‘Initiative’ to display the initiatives you want to add a task to. For this example, we will use the initiative we created earlier.

3. Click the pen icon to edit the initiative. 

4. Click the Tasks Tab and Click ‘Add new Task’

5. A popup will appear. Fill in the details of your new task. For this example, we will create a task.

6. For the Status field, you can choose: Not Started, In Progress, On Hold, Delayed, Complete

7. For the Priority field, you can choose: High, Normal, Low

8. Enter the Due Date and Deliverable Time frame. You will receive email notifications three days before the task is due, on they day the task is due, and when the task is past due.

9. Click ‘Save’ to save your progress.

Method 2

You can also add tasks using through the Initiatives Tab. Follow these steps to create the tasks using method 2.

1 . Open a project and click the Initiatives tab.

2. A list of initiatives is displayed. Click the pen icon beside the initiative you want to add a task to.

3. Follow steps 5 to 9 of Method 1.

4. You can attach your tasks to any touchpoint (on the same project) by clicking the Touchpoints Tab. Choose the touchpoints on the right column and drag them over to the right column. 

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