Each project come with several fields already created for you to help you get started. You can edit these fields and create more if needed by following the steps here.

1 . Go to the Touchpoint Fields page by following any of the methods above.
2. Click ‘+Add New Field’.

3. Assign a name to the new field and select a field type.
4. Type a description
4. Click ‘Save’

Field Types

You can select several field types to represent your new field. There are three general types you can select.

Text and Numbers – You can enter text or numbers on the new field by selecting ‘Short Text’, ‘Long Text’, ‘Integer Number’, or ‘Currency’.

Yes/No – This type will add a check box on your new field.  You can assign an icon to this field type by clicking the check box beside 'Use Icon' to open the icon selection screen.

Choice – This type will create a dropdown box which will make data entry faster and more accurate by limiting choices. You can add choices to this field type by clicking the ‘+’ sign. You can reorder choices by dragging the drag handles at the right of each choice to your desired location.

Editing Touchpoint Fields

You can edit any of the existing fields by clicking on the field. The field details will be displayed on the right.

You can also move, copy and delete the field by using the icons on the upper right of the field details.

Adding New Touchpoint Field Sections

ou can organize your fields by dividing them into sections. To create sections, follow the steps below: 

1 . On the Touchpoint Fields page, click the ‘+Add New Section’. You may need to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

2. Assign a name and type a new description to the new section.
3. Click Save.You must save the new section before adding new fields.
4. On the new section, click the ‘Add New Field’ button to add fields.

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