Using images is a great way to customize your project maps. Adding images to your projects is easy. Just follow the steps below.

Adding images to your Row Description

1 .  Click on the header row to open the editor.

2. On the editor, click the Image Icon.

3. Choose the image you want to use by clicking on an image (these are the images that you have used in other projects), or by uploading a new image. Note: Images uploaded prior to this new feature will not appear in the Image selection box. You will need to re-upload these images if you wish to use them again in other projects.

4. Once the desired image is uploaded and selected, the image will be highlighted in green. Click 'Insert' at the bottom right of the box to use the selected picture.

5. The editor will appear again after you click 'Insert'. You can resize the image on the editor by clicking the image and dragging the square on any corner of the image until you have reached the desired size.

6. Once you are satisfied with the image, you can start adding text.

7. Click  'Save' to save your progress. Your new image and any text you added will now be visible


Adding your Company Logo

You can customize your printed reports by adding the logo of your organization by following the steps below.

1 . On the Dashboard, click the Account icon on the lower left corner.

2. Click the Company Tab.

3. Type your Company name.

4. Click the Logo box and select the image you want to use on your file explorer.

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