While the default template in Touchpoint Dashboard® covers a lot of the type of information you need for successful journey maps, it often is helpful or even required to use your company's terminology and customer experience methodology. If you are the author of a project, or were invited to collaborate as a project manager, you can use the Project Settings to add, remove, or change existing fields used for the touchpoints on your maps.

Adding New Fields

  1. In the Project Settings screen, select the Touchpoint Fields section
  2. Press the ‘Add Field’ icon, then type in the field's name
  3. Select the field type (see below) and select a location for the new field
  4. Press the Enter key or the Add Field button to add the field

Field Types

The type of your field determines the kind of data you can store as a value for each touchpoint. There are three categories of field values you can use:

  • Text and Numbers
    Use ‘Short Text’ for simple phrases, ‘Long Text’ for descriptions, verbatims, etc., ‘Integer’ for numerical values, and ‘Currency’ for monetary values 
  • List of Choices
    A Choice field allows selecting a predefined value from a dropdown, when entering data for touchpoints. Unlike a text field, a choice list lets you limit the input to a list of approved values, helping to standardize your data.
  • Yes/No
    Also called a logic or boolean field, this type will add a check box on touchpoints. 

Editing Touchpoint Fields

To change an existing field, select it from the list and change its attributes in the editor that opens to the right of the list. Different types of fields have different editors.

Changing the Choices for a Choice field

  1. Add choices by entering the name of the new choice below the choice list and then pressing Enter or the 'Add' button.
  2. Drag choices by the double-arrows on the right to reorder the list. 
  3. Edit existing choices by selecting their name inputs in the list. Hit Tab to move between fields or select another field. 
  4. The trashcan deletes choices from the list.
  5. After your changes to the choice list are complete, press 'Save' to apply the changes to the Choice field.

Caution: Choices are the fundamental building block for maps in Touchpoint Dashboard®. Each choice can represent a column, row, or color of a touchpoint in a particular journey map. Changing a choice's name will also change the respective column/row/color title. Deleting a choice, will delete the respective column/row/color from all maps that used this Choice field. 

Edit a Yes/No field

Checkboxes on touchpoints can be used to control their displayed icons on journey maps. To assign an icon to a Yes/No field:

  1. Press the 'Select icon' button to open the icon dialog
  2. Scroll through the list of categorized icons and select one.
    You can cut down the number of icons shown by typing a search word into the Icon Filter. e.g.: 'arrow'
  3. After selecting the icon closes the icon dialog, press Save to apply the icon to the field
  4. To remove the icon for the field, clear the checkbox in the field editor and hit Save.

Adding New Touchpoint Field Sections

If you have many fields for a wide data set on your touchpoints, use section dividers to group them. Sections make it easier to find related fields during data entry.

  1. In the toolbar above the field list, press the ‘Add Section’ icon
  2. Enter a name and location for the new section
  3. Hit Enter or the 'Add Section' button to create the section

To group fields below the section divider, either drag the appropriate fields into place, or drag the divider itself to the position in the list that you want to split. Deleting section dividers has no effect on the fields beneath them. They are simply an organizational marker.

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