You can add more rows (fields) and columns (touchpoints) to your journey by following these steps:

1 . Open your journey and click the Edit Journey icon
2. Hover on the yellow toolbar above the row headers to expose the editing options

Adding Rows

1 . Click the Add Row icon
2. Choose a Row Type

You can select between these two options:

Field Value - This will create a row displaying the values of the selected touchpoint field

Line Graph - This will create a line graph based on the values of the selected Choice or Number touchpoint field

3. Select the touchpoint field you want to display in the new row.

IMPORTANT: You must select a row type first before setting your Touchpoint Field.

Removing a Row

To delete a row, click on the minus sign on the upper right corner of the row header, then click "Yes, remove it" to confirm. You can add the row back by following the steps on Adding Rows.

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