Customer types bring to life your target customers profile and their needs. Identifying your customer types helps you and your team develop more empathy for your customers, which ultimately makes for a better journey mapping outcome. 

You can create multiple customer types, and attach one or more customer types to single or multiple maps and touchpoints. 

Creating and Editing a Customer Type

1 .  Click the Customer Type Tab on the upper part of your Dashboard then click the  '+' sign on the Navigation Bar.

2. A new Customer Type card will appear. Type in the details of your new Customer Profile and upload a picture. Hit Save when done.

3. Click on the Pencil icon on the navigation bar to edit the Customer Type to start editing. You can add rich text and pictures to your Customer Type.

4. To edit an existing Customer Type, just follow the same steps. Click on a Customer Type card and click Show Details (Step 2), then click the pencil icon.

Adding Details to a Customer Type

You can add more details to your customer type by following these steps.

1 . Choose your customer type and click Show Details.

2. Click the Pencil icon to edit the customer type.

3. Click ‘+ Add Detail’. A new Detail card will appear.  You may need to scroll down to see the new Detail card if you already created multiple Detail cards.

4. You can start adding your customer details.

5. You can move the detail to any location by clicking icon on the upper left corner of the card, and dragging it to your desired location.

Adding a Customer Type to a Map

1 . Open a project and click the ' Edit' icon (below) on the navigation bar. 

2.  Select the customer type from the drop down box and click Save.

3. Click the 'Show Customer Type'  icon (below) on the navigation bar to show the customer type.

Adding a Customer Type to a Touchpoint

To attach a Customer Type to a Touchpoint, follow these steps:

1 . Select the Touchpoint by clicking on it. The Edit Touchpoint panel appears on the right of the screen.

2. On the Customer Type field, click ‘Show All’ the box will expand to show you the list of all the Customer Types you have created.

3. Click the check box beside each Customer Type you want to map to your Touchpoint. You can select as many as you like.

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