One way to visualize your projects in Touchpoint Dashboard is through maps. Maps are a visual plot of touchpoints in a swimlane matrix, using rows, columns, colors, and icons (stickers) to represent different touchpoint attributes.

In addition, there are for several tabs found in the main navigation, depending on your subscription level. 

Maps: The Maps view is the default view when you open a project. Click this tab to return to your map from any other tabs.

Reports: The Report View allows you to easily see all your touchpoints and their attributes in a format similar to a spreadsheet.

Charts: Touchpoint Dashboard allows you to create two different types of charts: Bar Charts and Dot Charts. Charts are a useful way to visualize and analyze your touchpoint data. Drill into the bars or dots to create a real-time report so you can view the data behind the chart. You can edit an existing chart or create a new one using the buttons in the left sidebar.

Initiatives: Provides a view into all the initiatives, tasks, and status built into the project.This view is only available if it was purchased as an added feature.

Validation: The Validation view allows you to build validation surveys that can be sent to customers or employees.This view is only available if it was purchased as an added feature.

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