Thank you for choosing Touchpoint Dashboard. This manual will introduce you to Touchpoint Dashboard and will guide you through creating your first customer journey map. This is the first in this series of tutorials. If this is your first time using the platform, we recommend that you start by reading this module before you continue with the other modules. 

What is Touchpoint Dashboard?

Touchpoint Dashboard is a full-service mapping solution helping your business understand & capitalize on its customer's journey. It is the first and largest digital journey mapping platform with users around the globe. Touchpoint Dashboard was created to make scaling and creation, visualization, and optimization of journey maps across organizations easy.

What are Journey Maps?

Touchpoint Dashboard defines a journey map as a visual depiction of interactions and emotions seen through the eyes of a customer while attempting to accomplish an intention with any given brand.

What is Journey Management?

Journey management is the discipline of understanding, planning, implementing, and optimizing a portfolio of journey maps to generate cost efficiencies and create loyalty through improvements that are most impactful to emotions.


Touchpoint Dashboard has many features.

  • Map or design your customer journey from scratch.
  • Collaborate, edit, and visualize touchpoints
  • Associate files, notes, links and more to each touchpoint
  • Analyze your customer journey through charts and ability to filter and see pain points or key moments of truth
  • Share, Present & Discuss the Journey

We update and add more features regularly so make sure to check out our What's New? section to know more.

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