Story view allows you to present your projects touchpoints in a slide show format. This view is great if you just want to show only the highlights of your project. To do this, you must first build your story using your touchpoints.

Building a Story

To build your story, follow the steps below:

1 . Click the arrow beside the Story Editor to open the Story Editor Panel.

2. Drag and drop the touchpoints you want to include in your story into the story editor. The touchpoint will appear in the Story Editor panel when it has been successfully added to your story. This is automatically saved so no further steps are needed. 

Viewing and Presenting a Story

To view and present the story, follow the steps below:

1 . Create a story (Follow the steps above.)

2. Click the 'Start Story'  button. This button is on the left panel of the presentation and is usually under the image description of your project.

3.  The story viewer will launch and the first touchpoint in your story is displayed

4. Click the arrow on the right to move to the next touchpoint. Click the arrow on the left to move to the previous touchpoint. Close the story view by clicking the ‘X’ on the upper right hand of the presentation.

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