The event selecting page allows you to select individual touchpoints and validate them with your customers.

Follow the steps below to customize or edit the event selecting page.

1. Click the 'Maps' tab to view your project touchpoints.

2. Select a touchpoint and click the Validation tab.

3. Add the touchpoint to the scenario by clicking the 'Add' button beside the Scenario that you want to attach the touchpoint to. (Note: If you have not yet done so, you must first create the scenario to see it on the list.)

4. Return to the Validation Tab. The touchpoints you added will now be displayed on the left panel as events.

5. Click each event to edit. (Note: The photos in each touchpoint will not be carried over when the touchpoint is used as an event.  Touchpoint pictures are saved in a private location and cannot be accessed in a public domain such as the validation surveys. You must re-upload the picture if you want to use it for the survey.)

6. Edit the name of the event  by clicking 'New Event', and add a description to the event by clicking the text box.

7. Click 'Save' to save your progress.

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